Tooth decay and Root Canal Treatment

Why does a tooth require root canal treatment (R.C.T.)?

Tooth decay describes the condition wherein the tooth breaks down leading to the formation of a cavity as a result of microbial activity. It starts with a hole/opening in the enamel. If this is not treated, it progressively reaches the deeper sections of the tooth where the pulp and the nerves are, causing the tooth to become sensitive to a variety of stimuli, followed by pain, inflammation, swelling and ultimately tooth loss if not treated.A tooth that has its pulp exposed by decay, trauma, etc has two treatment options; extraction of the tooth or retain the tooth by undertaking a root canal treatment. If untreated the tooth develops pain, swelling, etc, and the infection can spread deeper into the bone. When there is deep carious cavity reaching the pulp causing pulpitis or apical infection, fracture of tooth involving pulp or severe attrition of teeth leading to pulp exposure root canal cleaning and filling are indicated.

Does all root canal filled teeth need crowns?

By doing root canal treatment the cavity becomes wide and the tooth becomes brittle. To protect the tooth and avoid fracture of the tooth crowns are placed. But when the clinical height of the crown is small the retention of the crown may be a problem.

Can root canal treatment be performed in milk ( Child) teeth?

Yes it is done on primary teeth when the decay involves the pulp.

How many visits does it take to complete root canal treatment?

Depending on the involved tooth and infection status it may take multiple visits or can be completed in a single sitting.

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