Laser dentistry:

  • Surgical Laser usually causes Photo destruction of cell, raising tissue temperature, creating photo thermal effect, vaporizing the cells hydric Content & Carbonizing the tissue.
  • Non Surgical (LLLT) Laser causes Photo activation it increases the cells metabolic activity in the irradiated area. It has Anti- inflammatory analgesic effect & causes fast tissue healing.

Advantages of Laser in Dentistry

  • Do not require anesthesia, so quicker and simple are the procedures.
  • No bleeding, no infection, No sutures, no pain and swelling and hence faster wound healing.
  • Less overall chair side time.
  • Adjoining tissues are protected from damage.
  • Quieter and less fatigue for dentist, staff and patient.
  • Full range of high precision safe hard and soft tissue treatments available.

Applications of soft tissue Laser in Dentistry

Melanin Depigmentation:

Laser Teeth Whitening:

Greatest Advantages of Non-Surgical Laser

  • Pain Control : Analgesic action odontalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia Dentin hypersensitivity Paresthesia resulting from surgical procedures in dentistry.
  • Treatment of Traumatic facial Paralysis
  • Clinical Indications : Alveolitis, Angular Cleilitis, Benign migratory Glossitis, Dentinal Hypersensitivity, Gingivitis, Glossodynia, Herpetic gingiva Stomatitis, Bell's Facial Palsy, Mucositis, Odontalgia, Paresthesia, Pericoronitis, Aphtous ulcer, TMJ Joint Dysfunction, Tissue repair after sutures, Traumatic ulcer, Triageminal Neauralgia, Nerve Therapy (Parasthesia Nerve Regeneration)
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